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The hotel only accommodates dogs with valid vaccinations, which the dog owner must prove by presenting a vaccination certificate. Furthermore, the dog must be freed from external and internal parasites. The dog must also not smell, so we recommend bathing it before arrival and washing the things you bring with you.

Please keep in mind that dogs can get dirty or tangled during activities and games together. As we keep the hotel clean, we wash the dogs' paws as needed before they go to the rooms. It is therefore necessary to be able to handle the dog in this way.

Before your dog's first stay we recommend a personal visit at the hotel, which should be arranged in advance. To assess how the dog will cope with the stay, we recommend a trial stay (2 days with an overnight stay).
For medium and large breeds, we will require a personal visit and stay for the test as a condition for housing your dog. 

The price for a trial stay is CZK 1,500 and it is not refundable.

Preference is given to fully socialized dogs, i.e. that the dog is not too timid towards people and has no problem in the company of other dogs of both sexes and of any size. In the event of dangerous or conflicting behavior, the dog will be excluded from the group of other dogs and will walk alone. For dogs that walk alone, the walking time is limited, priority is given to the walking pack.

Dogs of the bull, staff, rottweiler, doberman, cane corso and similar breeds will be walking alone. 

For dogs that have not learned 100% hygiene, are used to it from home, or have some restrictions for health reasons, it is necessary to pack a sufficient number of children's suction pads.

We offer the services of a dog hotel, this is not individual babysitting. We have several dogs staying with us and we have to take care of all of them. It is therefore not possible for the dog to force attention or contact by, for example, barking or growling.


Our hotel is not a correctional facility, we do not offer education, re-education or training, we don't have the space or time for that. The dog must be able to stay in the hotel. If your dog has educational problems that prevent it from staying in the hotel, please contact another type of facility.

A dog cannot be accommodated in our hotel if:

- shows aggressive behavior towards people,

- marks furniture or walls in the room,

- nibbles, scratches or otherwise destroys doors, walls or hotel equipment,

- shows excessive timidity towards people.

How is everything going?

Before your first stay, we recommend that you also visit our hotel with your dog (please arrange the date of the visit in advance by phone). We can combine this first visit with a stay for an exam. 

Payment for accommodation is paid in advance by transfer to our account. Extension of the stay is possible by agreement, the additional payment is also paid by bank transfer no later than the next day after picking up the dog.

Please keep in mind that the accommodation reservation is only valid after payment.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, we charge cancellation fees:

21 or more days before the start of accommodation - no cancellation fee,

15 - 20 days before the start of accommodation - 50% of the price,

6 - 14 days before the start of accommodation - 80% of the price,

5 or less days before the start of accommodation - 100% of the price.

In addition to the vaccination certificate and feeding, you can also pack your dog's favorite toy, bed or blanket. 

Arrivals and departures of dogs are possible at the following times:

9 - 10 a.m.

1 - 2 p.m.

6 - 7 p.m.

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