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Are you bringing your dog on holiday with us? We have put together a comprehensive list of things he will need for you.  
The most important is:
- vaccination certificate with valid vaccination  (rabies, parvovirus, distemper and leptospirosis)
- medication, if any dog is taking it (please check that the amount of medication corresponds to the minimum length of stay + 2 extra days)
- do not forget to pack such an amount of food that, if you follow the ration, is enough for the entire duration of your stay, plus at least 2 extra portions
- if the dog is used to a certain type of treats, you can pack them as well
collar (not constrictive, barbed or otherwise likely to cause injury or pain)
muzzle  (not necessary for 100% problem-free dogs)
* at the hotel , muzzles are available to borrow for the duration of your stay, but only in limited quantities, and these muzzles may not fit your dog
bed, blanket
favorite toy
What not to take with you:
parasites, either in the coat or in the body

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