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In our dog salon we offer you:

- bathing

We use BEA natur professional cosmetics for bathing.

- cutting

Before the haircut, the dog must be bathed or we can bathe the dog at our dog salon services. There should be no impurities such as sand, mud, twigs, thistles in the dog's coat.

- trimming

Trimming is a coat treatment suitable for coarse-haired breeds. The treatment consists in pulling out the dead fur, thanks to which the dog does not shed and the fur becomes more resistant to environmental influences.

The first adjustment should already be at the age of 6 weeks and then at least every 2 months.

Do not bathe the dog at least 14 days before trimming, it is possible to bathe him only after trimming. 7 days before trimming and 7 days after trimming, do not apply spot-ons against fleas and ticks to the dog.

- combing 

- cutting claws

- pulling out the hairs from the ears

Owners may be present when grooming a dog, however, most dogs tolerate grooming better without the presence of their masters. 

Bring a muzzle with you for dogs that are less tolerant of grooming.

We offer dog salon services

every Friday in our hotel

between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Price list:

the total price depends on the condition of the dog's coat

and also on the nature of the dog

small breed     CZK 250 - CZK 300

medium breed CZK 350 - CZK 450

large breed   450 CZK - 600 CZK

+ free claw trimming

small breed     CZK 300 - CZK 400

medium breed CZK 450 - CZK 600

large breed   650 CZK - 800 CZK

+ free claw trimming

including cosmetics and drying

small breed    200 CZK - 250 CZK

medium breed CZK 300 - CZK 500

large breed   500 CZK - 1500 CZK

Combing out tangled fur
CZK 300 per hour

Claw trimming

CZK 50
(for free cutting and trimming)

Pulling hair from ears

CZK 50
(for free cutting and trimming)

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